The power of this one thing, to change (save) lives.

January/February 2020 

It's a Tuesday or Wednesday morning and the door to the Center keeps opening. In they come - with their babies and strollers and their stories in tow. They are gathering for their weekly Mom-to-Mom Support Group.

One of our moms exclaims proudly that she is going to get her driver's license, to which the rest of the group responds with cheers. Tears are shared over a driver's license, although everyone in that room understands the show of emotion is about so much more than being allowed to operate a car.

When the Center launched support groups for moms (in English and Spanish) we were trying to get women to eat better and come hear about nutrition during pregnancy. “We never expected the results – or that these groups would become an integral part of so many woman’s walk through motherhood, through life,” says Nancy Vawter, Executive Director. “I think that we all – me, the women leading the groups, the women in the groups – are in awe of the connections forged and the power of the relationships to change lives.”

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November/December 2019

The Best Plan I Never Made - Monika's Walk Into Motherhood

We make plans and God laughs. Isn't that the saying?

The beautiful baby you see here was not planned.

Mom had an inkling that she was pregnant and took the home test. Surprise - she was just about two weeks along - and she first turned to her brother for help. He offered to pay his sister to get an abortion - "not just pay for the abortion, but actually pay me to abort the pregnancy", Monika relayed to us.

Mom was scared but she did not want an abortion. She needed help  and went to the Internet . There, she found the Center and, along with it -- a group of women to walk with her into motherhood.

 "I discovered the Pregnancy Center when I Googled 'counseling for pregnant women'. My baby's dad was suffering from his own serious challenges and had been admitted to the hospital. I was lost as to what to do or where to turn for help," Monika remembers.

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AmazonSmile: How to Get Set-up

To shop AmazonSmile on your computer:

  1. Go to and login to your Amazon account.
  2. Search for and select Columbia Pregnancy Center as the charity you wish to support.
  3. Have fun shopping!

Remember to shop through the AmazonSmile portal. Your computer will probably keep you logged in, but you need to see the Amazon Smile logo at the top left for it to work.

Shopping from the app on your phone?? Here's how to connect Smile to the ease of an app (my preferred method):

  1. On your phone, go to and login.
  2. Click the menu bar on the left side and scroll down to "Your AmazonSmile", and search for Columbia Pregnancy Center. Select it.
  3. On your phone's menu bar (at the bottom on Apple, upper right on Android), choose "Add to Home Page". An app-like link appears on your homepage that looks exactly like the old one! Voila!